Top 10 Movies From Argentina

The Official Story - posterThe Top 10 Movies from Argentina is a selection of the most voted movies from IMDB. Is your favourite Argentine movie on the list?

  1. Diarios de motocicleta (2004)
  2. El secreto de sus ojos (2009)
  3. Nueve reinas (2000)
  4. El hijo de la novia (2001)
  5. El aura (2005)
  6. XXY (2007)
  7. El método (2005)
  8. Plata quemada (2000)
  9. La historia oficial (1985)
  10. Bombón: El Perro (2004)


How we built the list

The initial  list was created by searching Argentina as Country of Origin and Spanish language (  Then, we had to refine the list as many movies are coproduced between countries or directors and actors are mostly from other nationalities.

The criteria used to determine the “nationality” of a movie are:

  • Country of origin (production).
  • Language (in our case Spanish).
  • Nationality of the director and majority of the cast.
  • Topic

Some movies are still difficult to classify. That is the case of “The Motorcycle Diaries”: coproduction between Argentina,  USA, Chile, Peru, Brazil, UK, Germany  and France; directed by Walter Salles (Brazil); main role played by Gabriel Garcia Bernal (Mexico). However, most of the cast is from Argentina  and the movie tells the story of a motorcycle trip from Argentina to Peru, undertaken in 1952 by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Argentina) and his friend Alberto Granado (Argentina).

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