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XXY, is a movie about a child who is born with Klinefelter’s syndrome. This is a condition where the person inherits an extra X chromosome. Usually boys have an X and a Y while girls have two X chromosomes. A person with Klinefelter’s syndrome therefore has both male and...
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Bombón: El Perro

In a world of fast paced movies, Bombón: El Perro is like a breath of fresh air. There’s no villains in the movie, and dare we say that there’s no hero either. There’s a main cast which is a man and a dog but the movie does not seem...
The Aura - cover

The Aura

Once again a superb movie by Fabián Bielinsky, and although very much different from his earlier creation, Nine Queens, has his unmistakable touch. Bielinsky has a talent for psychological thrillers and his ability to create suspense literally out of nowhere and out of the most common of situations is...
Burnt Money - Cover

Burnt Money

Burnt Money (Plata Quemada) is an action thriller and a love story, but what is unique about this movie is that the love story is between two men. The main characters in the movie are robbers, but also lovers. This makes them closer and brings an amount of trust...
El Metodo Front Cover

The Method

The Method is one of those weird movies that leave you feeling weird. The story is a very uncommon one, about a group of people who are interviewed together with one person being left at the end to take the top spot in a large corporation. There are 7...
The Motorcycle Diaries - Front Cover

The Motorcycle Diaries

The movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” is an adaptation from the biography of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the famous (or infamous) Cuban revolutionary. It follows the early life of Guevara when he took a road trip through South America on a motorcycle with his friend Alberto Granado and his experiences along...
Intimate Stories

Intimate Stories

Historias mínimas (English: Minimal Stories and Intimate Stories) is a 2002 Argentine and Spanish drama film, directed by Carlos Sorín and written by Pablo Solarz. The film was produced by Martin Bardi, Leticia Cristi, and José María Morales. It features, among others, Javier Lombardo, Antonio Benedicti, and Javiera Bravo. This road movie chronicles three individual yet intertwined stories of...
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El Lado Oscuro del Corazon

The Dark Side of the Heart

The Dark Side of the Heart (Spanish: El lado oscuro del corazón) is a 1992 Argentine classic directed by Eliseo Subiela.  From the poet protagonist (played  by Dario Grandineti) to the use of poems by Mario Benedetti , Juan Gelman and Oliverio Girondo, poetry is the dominate force of this...
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Nine Queens

Nine Queens

Nine Queens (Spanish: Nueve Reinas) is an Argentine crime drama film written and directed by Fabián Bielinsky. The picture features Gastón Pauls, Ricardo Darín, Leticia Brédice, and Tomás Fonzi, among others. The film was nominated for 28 awards and won 21 of them. The film’s screenplay was adapted in...
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Cama adentro

Movies from Argentina – New York Times selection

The list below is a selection of Argentine films reviewed by The New York Times. Only movies marked as Critic’s Pick have been included in the list. Cama adentro (2004) Diarios de Motocicleta (2003) El aura (2005) El bonaerense (2002) Hamaca paraguaya (2006) Historias mínimas (2002) La mujer sin...
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