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Argentine Films Dominate Local Box Office

This article was originally written for “Filming in Argentina“, a blog dedicated to Argentine cinema created by San Telmo Productions a film & TV production company in Buenos Aires that provides services and original content to international clients. In an unprecedented turn of events for Argentine cinema, this month’s...
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Can you help me writing movies reviews?

I need help with IberoAmericanMovies…. Can you help me writing movies reviews? I am very busy with other projects (that pay my bills), and I am starting to get behind with the content of the website. Unfortunately IAM is not yet making enough money to pay a writer. Therefore...
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Gael García Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal talks about migration

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal was honored by WOLA (Washington Office On Latin America) for “fostering deeper understanding and visibility of migrant issues”. He talks about changing the narrative on immigration during his acceptance speech at the 2011 WOLA Human Rights Awards. Watch the speech:
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Viggo Mortensen and Soledad Villamil in "Everybody Has a Plan"

Viggo Mortensen in Argentina Filming “Everyone Has a Plan”

Oscar nominated actor Viggo Mortensen and The Secret in Their Eyes star Soledad Villamil have been spotted in Argentina recently filming their upcoming feature Everyone Has a Plan. This movie is one of two upcoming movies for Mortensen with filming locations in Argentina – the other being the adaptation...
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Spanish government extends Spain’s film production tax shelter for private investors

Spain may reup tax breaks by John Hopewell for Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s socialist government has moved to extend Spain’s film production tax shelter for private investors. Announced Friday at a cabinet meeting, the proposal is framed in a decree law that still needs parliamentary approval. Spain’s opposition...
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Ibero-American Movies

Money rolls in as Spanish films get international acclaim

The resurgence in Spanish cinema continues apace. Last week FAPAE, the main Spanish film producers’ association, announced that Spanish movies made more money abroad in 2010 than they did in their domestic market, for the third year running. While Spanish films made €80.3 million (Dh418.5m) in ticket sales at...
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Ibero-American Movies

Ibero-American movies at the New Zealand International Film Festival

The following is a list of Ibero-American films to be screened at the 2011 New Zealand International Film Festival: A Useful Life Federico Veiroj, Spain, Uruguay, 2010, 67min This wry, melancholic film is slyly observed by second-time director Federico Veiroj, and graced with superb black-and-white chiaroscuro and an inventive...
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Cuento Chino

Darin starrer biggest Latin American film bow since 2009

‘Chinese’ breaks records in Spain MADRID — Ricardo Darin starrer “Chinese Take-Away” has broken 2010 and first half 2011 box office records for a Latin American film in Spain, grossing €398,051 ($565,232) over its first weekend in Spain. According to Rentrak, the figures are the biggest trawl for any...
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Munich Film Festival 2011

From Rebellion to Riches – Latin America’s New Generation of Auteur Filmmakers

A transvestite who works as a prostitute and a professor for gender studies devotes her free time to writing historical romances. A Hare-Krishna disciple, who, after his day job at a call center, turns into a screaming soccer fan. Two protagonists in the debut film of Brazilian Sérgio Borges....
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