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The Method

Country: Argentina, Spain
Release Date: Sep 22, 2005
Genre(s): Psychological Thriller
Director: Marcelo Pineyro
Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduardo Fernandez, Pablo Charri, Ernesto Alterio, Carmelo Gomez, Adriana Ozores, Natalia Verbeke.
Awards: Butaca Awards, CEC, Ghent International Film Festival.

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The Method

El Metodo - sceneThe Method is one of those weird movies that leave you feeling weird. The story is a very uncommon one, about a group of people who are interviewed together with one person being left at the end to take the top spot in a large corporation. There are 7 candidates, and apart from these 7, there’s just one other person of any significance in the movie.

In fact the whole movie is literally within one room, and it is the tight screenplay that makes the movie watchable. In fact, even though you may wonder at the extents to which corporations may go to in their hiring process, you still end up stuck to your seat, unable to take your eyes off the screen.

There seems to be a message that the director wants to convey, which is probably the reason why he has chosen the setting for the movie to be the IMF & World Bank Summit in Madrid. Protesters clash with police in the street, while the candidates fight it out high above them. Yet the disconnect is obvious and depending on where exactly you are in the corporate ladder, you either wonder at what some people are willing to give up for the sake of their career, or you empathize with them.

The subject may be an offbeat one, but the movie is a very good watch, and like it or not, you will never walk out without an opinion on it.

The Plot

7 candidates are brought in for an interview, and they are in for a surprise when they enter the meeting room. All the candidates are brought in together and each have a computer in front of them. The computer shows different messages to different candidates and they all have to go through different rounds.

At the end of each round one candidate is eliminated and the rest carry on to the next one.

While this may be the process involved in most hiring processes, this particular one is more cutthroat in that the candidates themselves have to eliminate others from the group so that they win. Starting from playing games where they imagine they are the only survivors after a nuclear holocaust and each has to convince the other of their value to the group to stay, to finding out who the “traitor” (alread a company employee) is.

The movie swings between the humorous to the very serious and the screenplay is sufficiently tight that you remain behind if not for anything then to find out who wins.

And very surprisingly, the person who wins, is probably the last person you would have expected to win. And the director has given such a twist to the end that you end up comparing the finalists. You either take one side or the other.

The movie is so good because apart from the way it has been taken, it leads you to learn more about the kind of person you, the viewer are. The movie is about choices, and as the candidates make theirs, you too make yours.

A very very good movie, if a bit slow at times.


  • Butaca Awards: Butaca: Best Catalan Film Actor: Eduardo Fernandoz.
  • Cinema Writers Circle Awards: CEC Award Best Screenplay: Mateo Gil, Marcelo Pineyro: Best Supporting Actor: Carmelo Gomez.
  • Ghent International Film Festival: Canvas Audience Award: Marcelo Pineyro.
  • Goya Awards: Goya: Best Screenplay: Mateo Gil, Marcelo Pineyro; Best Supporting Actor: Carmelo Gomez.
  • Premios ACE: Premio ACE: Best Supporting Actor: Pablo Echarri.
  • Spanish Actors Union: Award of the Spanish Actors Union: Performance in a Minor Role – Female: Adrianna Ozores; Supporting Performance – Male: Eduard Fernandez; Newcomer Award: Male: Pablo Echarri.

Data Sheet

Directed By: Marcelo Pineyro.
Produced By: Ricardo Garcia Arrojo, Gerardo Herrero, Fransisco Ramos, Alicia Telleria.
Written By: Mateo Gil, Marcelo Pineyro.
Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduardo Fernandez, Pablo Charri, Ernesto Alterio, Carmelo Gomez, Adriana Ozores, Natalia Verbeke.
Music By: Frederic Begin, Phil Electric.
Cinematography: Alfredo Mayo
Editing: Ivan Aledo
Release Date: 22 Sep, 2005
Running Time: 115 min
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish

Amazon’s Review

Seven of the corporate worlds elite gather in pursuit of the top job at Dexia Corporation. What begins as a normal job interview quickly unravels as candidates fall prey to THE METHOD, a psychologically brutal recruiting system in which only one can remain.

Amazon Customer’s review

It’s over – By Sebastian Fernandez

Director Marcelo Piñeyro presents us with an interesting concept in this Spanish-Argentinean production. Seven candidates are summoned for a final round of interviews in a company that is looking to fill an executive position. These people soon find out that the method used by the prospective employer is not even close to being conventional. They are informed through release forms that they are going to participate in the Gronholm method of selection, but nobody is sure what this entails.

The seven candidates are taken to a room with a monitor and keyboard for each, and then the games begin! The process resembles many of the reality shows you can see on TV, with one candidate being eliminated in each round. In Trump’s “The Apprentice” the person leaving gets the phrase “You’re fired”, in this case, the monitor shuts down and an electronic voice says “It’s over”. But even though the concept is not completely original, the personalities of the candidates, and the design of the process give this film enough elements to make it worthwhile.

The candidates are the key to this film. Julio is a lawyer and economist who seems to be overqualified for the position, but carries some baggage from the past. Ricardo is the first one to get annoyed by all the nonsense, like having to fill forms that they have filled before in the process. If you have ever had to fill forms in a doctor’s office, that ask for duplicate information, you will certainly sympathize with him. Nieves is an attractive young woman who seems to know exactly what she wants, and she has met Carlos, who is another candidate, in her previous life. Carlos is a young economist who has as much drive as all the other candidates put together and who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Ana is an older woman, who has had a successful career in the music industry and is looking for the next challenge, in a world that is dominated by the young. Fernando is a typical macho that speaks his mind and does not like conniving individuals. Last but not least, we have Enrique, who is the one that is most interested in the actual method of selection and loves to be involved in this process. The only other character on the film is Montse, a secretary that is as creepy as they come, and alternates baffling smiles with serious looks that can pulverize rock.

The movie centers around the way in which the interview process affects the attitudes of the candidates. We can definitely see how from an initial desire to be accepted by the others, the individuals start shifting their actions and are dominated by greed. There are many twists along the way as to the rules by which the contestants are playing, which helps keep things entertaining. There are also many scenes in which the tension can be sliced with a knife. But this movie succeeds mainly due to the outstanding performances of a first rate cast. It is great to see Pablo Echarri once again in a leading role and taking that on with gusto. Also, Ernesto Alterio, the son of one of the best Argentinean actors of all time, Hector Alterio, shows us that some abilities can be acquired through genes. He portrays the nervous Enrique so convincingly, that at times you feel like grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him, to see if he will calm down.

On another note, I have seen many movies in Spanish that are ruined by the translation in the English subtitles. I am happy to say that this is not the case for this film, since we get an accurate translation that prevents those that do not speak Spanish from missing anything. Basically, this film is the complete package, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


El Metodo - scene
El Metodo - Scene 5
El Metodo - Eduardo Noriega
El Metodo - The Protesters
El Metodo - The Cast
El Metodo - Natalia Verbeke.
El Metodo Front Cover


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The Method
The Method is one of those weird movies that leave you feeling weird. The story is a very uncommon one, about a group of people who are interviewed together with one person being left at the end to take the top spot in a large corporation. There are 7...
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